Our Story

My son, Ck, daughter-in-law, Jen, and I put Jenki’s Teez together for a side gig. We did festivals, car shows, bike rallies — anywhere we could place a booth.  Since CK and Jen have three children and “real” jobs, our time to shine was during the summer months.  We live in Northern Nevada, so Winters brought us to a complete halt when the snowfall came.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, bringing our family to a complete standstill. The family’s new focus became me. They helped me through chemo, surgery, and recovery. I can not imagine what people do that don’t have family and personal friends. They saved my life, I’m happy to tell everyone that I am cancer free. I have been released by doctors and can return to work. The problem is, I’m a blackjack dealer in casinos filled with cigarette smoke. I am old enough that changing careers is not an option, retirement is what it would have to be… and that’s how this website came to be.

I was trying to figure out what my side gig would be.  Ck said, “Mom, you already have one and just don’t know it!”  Ck and Jen work for a car dealership in Nevada, he tells me, “Mom, do you know how many t-shirts and stickers I give away at work?  My customers love our stickers and shirts.  Instead of doing shows, have a site put up and work the internet!”

Welcome to Jenki’s Teez.